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Welcome to LinkLoomer.

A seamless evolution from Consolety to LinkLoomer

We’re excited to introduce you to LinkLoomer, the revamped and advanced successor of Consolety. Over the years, we’ve learned, adapted, and evolved, leading us to create a platform that’s set to redefine link-building for WordPress websites.


Launching soon

Countdown to the future of contextual link building


Why LinkLoomer.

Building quality backlinks has always been a cornerstone of effective SEO. Yet, the process is often tedious, expensive, and not always transparent. LinkLoomer aims to simplify this process, making link-building more efficient, relevant, and user-centric.

Bid farewell to the tiresome process of manual link exchange. With LinkLoomer, get automatically paired with relevant websites. Our advanced algorithm ensures that the links you get are not just any links; they’re tailored matches for your content.

We prioritize the credibility and authenticity of your website. Our stringent vetting process ensures that only legitimate websites make the cut. We champion transparency and quality over everything.

At LinkLoomer, we uphold the principles of transparency, relevance, and quality. Our primary commitment is to white-hat SEO practices that prioritize long-term sustainability and genuine growth. We meticulously curate our network to ensure that every backlink opportunity aligns with these values, offering our users the peace of mind that their online reputation is safeguarded. Dive into the world of SEO with Linkloomer, where genuine practices drive genuine results.

Content matching

Our system evaluates your posts, tags, and categories.

Content matching

By comparing these elements with other sites in our network, we find the perfect match, ensuring both sites benefit from the link exchange.

Unique algorithms

Advanced algorithm powers Linkloomer.

Unique algorithms

Harnessing the best in tech, our algorithm ensures the most optimal pairings for enhanced SEO results, boosting site relevance and authority.

Related content

Links are not just added; they're integrated.

Related content

We do not simply add links, our system seamlessly weaves them as related content, enhancing user experience and providing added context for visitors.

User experience

Prioritizing reader engagement.

User experience

With an intuitive design and user-friendly interface, Linkloomer ensures that both website owners and readers experience the best of the web.


Trust & Security

LinkLoomer isn’t just another platform; it’s a commitment. We understand the importance of a clean online reputation, and thus, we meticulously vet every website. With tools like Copyscape, Moz, and Ahrefs, we ensure that the sites you link with adhere to high standards. Our zero-tolerance policy for spam or black-hat tactics guarantees the integrity of our network.

Joining our community

We’re not just a service; we’re a growing community of bloggers, content creators, and website owners committed to mutual growth. By joining LinkLoomer, you’re not just getting backlinks – you’re becoming a part of a network that values genuine content and mutual growth.


Looking beyond "just links"

Our vision with LinkLoomer goes beyond just automated link exchanges. We aim to revolutionize how websites collaborate, ensuring that quality content gets the visibility it deserves. As we grow, we hope to introduce more features, tools, and resources that empower website owners like never before.

How does LinkLoomer Work?

Ready to experience the LinkLoomer difference? Join us today and let’s weave the web tighter, one link at a time.

Install & Validate:

Start by installing the LinkLoomer plugin onto your WordPress website and validate your site.

Content analysis:

Our system analyses your content, checking for relevance, quality, and uniqueness.

Get matched:

Once approved, our algorithm begins its magic, searching for the best content matches from our extensive network.

Monitor & Grow:

Track the growth of your backlinks and watch your organic traffic soar.


150 LinkLoomer Tokens

150 LinkLoomer Tokens Unlock the potential of your content with 150 LinkLoomer Tokens. Perfect for the proactive content creator, these tokens allow you to accelerate the pace of receiving backlinks,...

$ 17,99

120 LinkLoomer Tokens

120 LinkLoomer Tokens Unlock the potential of your content with 120 LinkLoomer Tokens. Perfect for the proactive content creator, these tokens allow you to accelerate the pace of receiving backlinks,...

$ 15,99

80 LinkLoomer Tokens

60 LinkLoomer Tokens Unlock the potential of your content with 60 LinkLoomer Tokens. Perfect for the proactive content creator, these tokens allow you to accelerate the pace of receiving backlinks,...

$ 11,99

30 LinkLoomer Tokens

30 LinkLoomer Tokens Unlock the potential of your content with 30 LinkLoomer Tokens. Perfect for the proactive content creator, these tokens allow you to accelerate the pace of receiving backlinks,...

$ 4,99


Starter power for new websites



Per website / month

download linkloomer code

Begin your backlink journey with a robust free plan that gives your content a noticeable lift.​


Scaling success for growing websites


Per website / month

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Unlock higher backlink potential and intelligent matching, perfect for websites in their growth phase, desiring a noticeable impact with advanced analytics.​


Peak performance for industry leaders


Per website / month

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Experience limitless backlink possibilities and tailored service designed for high-impact, large-scale, and specialized operations, ensuring you dominate your niche.​

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Learn SEO with

Are you ready to amplify your online presence?

Dive into a more connected and efficient digital landscape with LinkLoomer.


Unlock collective success with LinkLoomer.

Am i giving my competitors an edge

With LinkLoomer, you become a part of a global synergy.

Here, you don’t just enhance your site; you amplify countless others, and they, in turn, boost yours.
It’s a networked interdependence where every member, competitor or ally, contributes to a shared upward trajectory.

Now, you might pause and wonder:

“Am I giving my competitors an edge?”

The simple answer is yes. But here’s the twist — they’re giving you the same advantage.
And together, you’re creating a formidable online force.

Imagine missing out on this collective push, while two of your competitors thrive, interconnected and ascendant. Your solitary efforts, no matter how commendable, would pale against their combined strength.

So, while the instinct to go it alone is natural, in the modern web landscape, collaboration is the key. Embrace LinkLoomer. Welcome competitors, and together, make waves in the search results, ensuring everyone has a spot on the digital stage.

Because in unity, there’s undeniable strength. Don’t get left behind. Join the LinkLoomer revolution.

Community over competition

Boost each other to amplify your reach

Embrace collective growth

Harness the network efect for SEO success

Evolve and stay ahead

Join the movement, or watch from the sidelines

Become an alpha tester for LinkLoomer:
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*Please be aware that the free 2 months only apply if you actively participate in the alpha test